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Join us on our journey to #MakeHimFamous!

When students enter into a salvation-relationship with Jesus, their identities are forever changed. A new identity is born in place of the old one. This is the “new creation” Paul talks about in 2 Corinthians 5. This new identity is one that finds its definition and purpose in Christ. And Jesus had lots to say about this.

For the next couple of weeks we will be looking at Jesus And Identity, part of The Jesus Studies. This study will give our students a snapshot of what this new identity looks like. Students will learn what Jesus meant when He challenged them to be salt and light; they’ll be reminded that Jesus defines greatness differently than the world; they’ll learn that their true purpose is found in “remaining” in Christ; and they’ll see that Jesus wants to use them to reach the lost.

Join us Friday nights at 7:30pm for Vespers & Saturday Mornings at 10:00 am for Sabbath School. The Church Service begins at 11:00 am at the Highland View Church.

We must take what we learn and put it into practice. This week's student devotionals are below.

Parents & Guardians, we want you to discover Jesus with us too. Click here for this week's parent devotional.

Sunday, October 14 - Friday, October 19, 2018